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Besides my own research, I regularly help my advisor (Prof Amit Tandon) by serving as primary mentors for Physics and Mechanical Engineering major undergraduate students who join our lab at UMass Dartmouth. Following are the list of students:

  1. Nicholas Monroe (BS, Mechanical Engineering '23): Nick worked on his undergradute honors thesis in Tandon Lab from June 2022 to May 2023. His thesis focuses on intercomparing parameters of air-sea interaction from reanalysis products to observations in the Arabian Sea, with a goal to quantify the biases.
  2. Viktoriya Balabanova (BS, Physics '23): Vicky worked on her undergradute thesis in Tandon Lab from January-May 2023 as a part of UMassD-WHOI-Blue Economy Internship. Her thesis focused on validating geostrophic balance by comparing the observations from a mooring deployed in North Atlantic to the Satellite altimetry.
  3. Ersen'S Joseph (BS, Mechanical Engineering '22): Ersen'S worked with us as a part of Undergraduate Research Internship Program, UMassD (from January-December 2021) as well as UMassD-WHOI-Blue Economy Internship (from January-May 2022). His project involved analyzing RAMA mooring data in the Bay of Bengal, developing a numerical particle tracking model and comparing with observed particle motion in open ocean as well as using powerful computation resources to analyze remote sensing datasets in order to uncover the seasonality in the Bay of Bengal.