About Me

I am a PhD student at School for Marine Sciences and Technology at UMass Dartmouth (UMassD). I am a "Distinguished Doctoral Fellowship" awardee from the University (2019-20,2021-2024) and am guided by Prof. Amit Tandon.

I am no stranger to phenomenon such as tropical cyclones, Monsoons and its impact on the lives of people and economy of India. This made me curious about the patterns of cyclones, Indian monsoon seasons and the dynamics of ocean and the coupling of atmosphere and oceans over a range of scales. My fascination for such phenomenon coupled with a desire to make meaningful contributions to the society ensured that I take up a Career in Sciences: My deep love for Mathematics and Physics, and my curiosity in Nature inspired me to major in Mechanical Engineering during my Undergraduate study at Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar and use the same concepts to study Physical Oceanography and Climate Sciences, which is pretty much aligned to some aspects of Mechanical Engineering. (Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer etc.)

My current research involves tracking drifters released in Bay of Bengal deployed during various field programs and unravel interesting science out of it. I am also in process to studying the Air-Sea coupling and Upper Ocean Physics from a 1-Dimensional perspective using observations, numerical models etc.

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Research Interests

  • Air-Sea Interactions (Monsoons, Tropical storms etc.)
  • Upper Ocean Processes (Turbulence, 1-D ocean perspective, Instabilities)
  • Ocean Modeling and Observations

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